HurriGuard® translucent panels: the most performing hurricane protection system on the market

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Translucent & Lightweight

Clear polycarbonate storm panel can completely cover a window or door while being 30 percent to 50 percent lighter than metal and plywood panels.

Impact & Resistant

Panels are tested for resistance to impact using an air cannon shooting a 9 lbs. 2x4 shot missile and passed testing using high air pressure that simulated 170mph winds.


Florida & Miami-Dade Approved

Hurriguard® meets Florida & Miami Dade standards and the storm panels have passed the Dade County Florida Hurricane Test.

You can download a copy of Miami-Dade Notice of Approval here

Produced in the US

The 16mm RDC Storm Panel is produced by Gallina USA in WI. Other companies are trying to compare their product to Gallina because of the similarity in appearance.

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